How to get followers on Instagram?

If you want to grow your Instagram account there are 3 ways to do it:-

1. consistency

2. consistency

3. consistency

there’s a fourth way that might also help is “consistency “

Well, there are other factors like quality of content and relevant hashtags, but it’s pretty useless without consistency.

Before we talk about the other factors, we have to understand that you can approach this in two ways. You can build your Instagram up organically or you can make use of inorganic traffic. By this I mean you can get followers with and without paid methods. Even if you want to get it with the paid method, you will have to make sure about one thing and that is your buyer persona or the persona of your audience. Who are you targeting? What kind of content are they looking for? When they spend their time on Instagram, these questions should be clear to you. This strategy helps in the content you make and also helps you to target your audience in a better way. In this blog I will be focusing on how to get followers on Instagram organically, that is without spending money. 

Once you understand your target audience. Then it is easy for you to know how to get followers on Instagram. You have to start making content around it. You have to be consistent with it, that is you will have to upload it every single day. Now I know it seems very hectic but you can do it in an efficient way. Let’s say you have to make content for the month of December, you will have to start making content in the last week of November, and you have to make content for the whole month of December in the last week of November. Now the next step is to schedule your content and the content will be posted automatically. There are tools for scheduling your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

You have to make sure you use relevant hashtags. I will be writing about how to choose hashtags in my next blog. I will also be writing about how to get followers on Instagram using the paid method. Make sure to share this blog if you found it informative. 

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